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Doing our part.

One of Seafood Garden's priorities is making sure that ecosystems, animals, and people are safe. That's why we're constantly seeking out new ways to fish, pack, and distribute our product through environmentally conscious ways.

At Seafood Garden, sustainable fishing is the expectation. We make sure that our boats only go out when product certainty is known. With a decreased amount of boats roaming the ocean, the carbon imprint on our environment also decreases while the well-being of the ecosystems below, increases. 

Using our decades of experience and knowledge, we're able to capture quality seafood without contributing to unnecessary and harmful fishing practices.

By using efficient modes of transportation and consolidating shipments, we decrease our carbon footprint. We look to ocean freight as a system of low impact shipping.

Seafood Garden products are stored around the country, avoiding unnecessary travel.

Our industry is constantly changing and it is part of our responsibility to keep up. We're always searching for new and innovative ways to improve our practices and further aid the world in the fight for a sustainable future.  

Overfishing has become a growing concern for many, including Seafood Garden. We make sure to follow fishing guidelines and quotas. 

We adapt our nets to cater to each specific species we catch, making sure to leave opens in order for smaller fish to be able to swim back into the ocean. With the use of advanced technology and equipment, we're able to fish more efficiently while staying environmentally conscious.

At Seafood Garden, we harbor an environment where everyone is treated with respect. Every employee holds the same ideals and persistence over the fostering of our oceans. 

Balance within this industry is crucial. We do not own the fish that inhabit our oceans and it's our responsibility to give as much as we take. We understand that everything we do has an impact which is why we take sustainable fishing practices seriously in order to make sure that ecosystems and species are protected for the future. We've learned to balance our own livelihoods with the best interest of the sea. 

Sustainability isn't something that can be achieved individually.  

By administering control over every step of the fishing, packing, and distribution process, we are able to make sure that reliable and safe practices are being put to action. 

We make sure that our partners practice and understand the values we hold in sustaining our environment.

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