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Our Story


Excellence, Trust, Sustainability

Our Origins 

From our Founder

Creating strong partnerships with the fishermen


As a child, I was fascinated by International Trade and how it connected the world together. I pictured cargo ships loaded full of food and supplies crossing the oceans to feed the world. Trade connects people despite language differences, religious practices, or cultural traditions to form a unique yet common human experience. Seafood has been in the heart of society since the beginning of humanity.

I wanted to personalize the experience of seafood by putting myself in a position to create strong partnerships with the fishermen, in order to understand the products better, and be able to identify the quality from the origin. I formed a small company that focused on the people we work with.

First, starting in the food-grade industry, I soon realized the potential to extend our unique approach to cater to the distinct needs of animals under human care. It was a natural progression, maintaining the elevated standards of the human consumption seafood industry while embracing the crucial role of contributing to wildlife conservation efforts and care.

Our Mission

We understand the fact that our carefully sourced and premium-grade seafood plays a major part in the overall wellbeing of your animals. Our primary objective is to establish a dependable source, offering a diverse range of seafood options tailored specifically for keepers, curators, and aquarists.

Our commitment to sourcing quality seafood is designed to empower you, allowing you to focus solely on taking care of your animals without being concerned about the quality and availability of your seafood supplies.

In line with our dedication, we strive to provide insightful, experience-based advice and recommendations. Our aim is to assist you in making well-informed decisions regarding any adjustments in diets and the overall health of your animals.


Contributing to wildlife conservation efforts and care

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