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Seafood Garden is a company made up of professionals with a strong background in the domestic and international seafood world. Our team is driven by the importance of quality and standards required to serve Aquariums, Parks, and Zoos with the products they need. We like to say "fish never sleeps" as we work around the clock to source the best quality seafood from dependable and sustainable fishing groups around the world and here in the USA.

With over 25 years of history and heritage, Seafood Garden is one of the global leading importers and exporters within the frozen fish industry, as well as an established and respected global wholesaler for Aquariums and Zoos.


Our mission is to share our passion and expertise for sealife by delivering products that allow aquariums and zoos and the animals in their care to thrive. We do so by focusing on sustainability throughout our trusted supply chain to drive awareness of the importance of animal welfare from product sourcing to delivery.

The Team

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Jim Goriou
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Annick Goriou
JB Goriou
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+1 (978)539-9098

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66 West Flagler Street

Unit #900 - #7403

Miami, FL 33130

Tel: +1 (978)539-9098

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