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Premium Frozen Seafood Solutions for Zoos, Aquariums and Rescue Centers Worldwide

Established in 2009, Seafood Garden is more than just a business—it's a family venture deeply rooted in the exciting world of domestic and international seafood. Our passionate team is all about upholding the highest standards and ensuring first-rate quality to meet the needs of our aquatic friends. We proudly say, "fish never sleep," reflecting our commitment to working tirelessly in order to provide the finest fish from trustworthy and sustainable fishing groups globally and right here in the USA.

Excellence, Trust, Sustainability

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We’re on a first-name basis with our fishermen, making sure we know exactly where, how, and when those fish are caught.

By shopping locally whenever possible, we help support the development of small fishing communities and team up with fishermen who’ve mastered methods of sustainable fishing.

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Guaranteed Year-round Availability

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Premium, Food Grade Quality

Nutrition and Quality

Our seafood is food grade of the highest quality.

Our quality control and nutrition team ensures that all the fish that leaves the facility is fit for human consumption and has all the nutrients necessary for the wellbeing of your animals.

Competitive Offers

We pride ourselves in being the direct source of seafood between the Ocean and your animals and between you and the fisherman.

With no middleman in between, we are able to offer competitive and transparent pricing.

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Large Variety of Frozen Seafood

Learn About our Team

We're here to help.

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Jim Goriou


Mael Coiquaud

Mael Coiquaud

Sales Director 

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Annick Goriou

    Chief Financial Officer


Arden Csaplar

Marine Biologist & Nutritionist


JB Goriou

Chief Operating Officer


Cove Klass Bentley

Logistics Director

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